International Marketing

02 Jul

1. How does a company decide whether it should enter international markets or not? Is it always beneficial to enter foreign markets? Can companies shun international markets and still survive?

2. What are the most critical factors that determine success in global markets? Explain those taking suitable examples.

3. Take a stand on the following:

A company should serve different country markets with standard offerings


A company should serve different country markets with customized offerings Justify your stand.

Also advice how the company could take a decision on the above stated issue.

4. Discuss on the distribution structure that is used in a foreign market and indicate how does a company decide such a distribution structure?

5. “To gain competitive advantage, a global company has to leverage its competencies from all the locations where it has operations”.

Critically analyze this statement

6. Elaborate on the Marketing Mix decision with regard to an international Market. Substantiate your views by appropriate examples.

7. Briefly explain the term Global Brand? How does a brand attain the status of Global brand? Explain with suitable examples. 

International Marketing

27 Jun

1. EPRG Framework is considered as one of the most established Strategies in International Marketing. If you are heading a Multiproduct company in South American Market-what strategy will be adopted by you and why? Elaborate your answer with 2 suitable product examples.

2. Exchange Rate fluctuation of currencies is one of the biggest challenge in International Marketing? As an Export Head what strategy would you adopt to counter it and secondly which will be the best way to grow in such volatile markets? You can take any product/market of your choice to explain your viewpoint.

3. As a new Export Manager your company got a huge order of Basmati Rice from Middle East to be delivered in 11 months. What measures will you take regarding the basmati rice order for:

A. Export Quality Control and Export Incentives.

B. Different documentation and approval required.